#Biz2Beach – Video Tips At The Beach


Basic shooting rules:

  • Keep the video camera steady. Tripod or monopod best, or at least steady yourself before pressing record. It’s cool to capture action but let it move, not you.
  • Get interesting angles and keep in mind too much sky or water reflection may over expose, so pay attention to blinking zebra stripes on your LED screen. (If you have this camera feature, you may need to enable it in your menu set-up).
  • Don’t shoot into the sun have it behind you, or better yet, shoot at dawn or dusk or in the shade of a palm tree (and watch out for falling coconuts, I’m not kidding).
  • Be aware of sound like annoying planes flying over and any unwanted external noise that will be picked up by your mic. Poor sound makes disappointing videos.

 Things to consider:

  • Remember to charge your batteries the night before so you are ready to go in the morning. A dead battery is a kill-joy (so don’t forget to pack your charger before you travel).
  • Tough seeing your LED screen in the bright light at the beach? Try cutting an empty toilet paper roll in half to look through it. Not glamorous, but cheap.
  • For those of you who wear self-darkening glasses or sunglasses remember to bring a regular pair of glasses (or take them off) to accurately see the brightness of your shot on your LED screen (come on, try the toilet paper roll), especially if you don’t use the zebra stripes.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re in the zone shooting video in beautiful tropical locations (and maybe after one too many margaritas).
  • Sand is BAD on gear. Remember to close the lens cover and keep camera enclosed when not in use. Throw in a couple of silica gel packs (like the ones that come shipped with electronics) to keep the humidity down in the camera bag.
  • Most important tip: Don’t leave video camera in the sun or hot places like in the car trunk (and it might get stolen, dude).
  • Really the MOST important tip: Have FUN in the sun and share your best video beach memories.
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